Our Mandate

 The Alberta Golf Superintendents Association was formed in 1987 with the mandate to...    

"promote the position of the Golf Course Superintendent and to achieve more recognition for the Superintendent as an authority on golf course maintenance, cultural requirements of fine turfgrasses and its environment.  To promote fraternity, benevolence, justice and mutual understanding to and for all its members."    

Even as the golf industry has grown, this mandate has remained as the guide in which the 6 member Board of Directors and the Executive Director base their decisions for the direction of the association.  

The strength of the association is the involvement of the membership as a whole in promoting the position of Superintendent.  The Golf Course Superintendent position continues to increase in value as Golf Clubs look for guidance in areas such as Environmental Stewardship, Water Conservation Issues, and Workplace Health & Safety.  

The Alberta Golf Superintendents Association remains committed to ensuring that its members have the resources to lead their clubs in these areas.  

Through strong input from its Membership, the AGSA will continue to promote the Golf Course Superintendent as a vital position in the Golf Course Industry.

Our Code of Ethics

To recognize and discharge all my responsibilities and duties to my best ability and knowledge and practice sound business and turf management principles. 

To refrain from initiating and engaging in the correspondence or discussion with a director, member or official of another club regarding its affairs without the prior knowledge of the golf course superintendent. Seeking job advancement only when there is a vacancy.

To support and actively participate in the efforts of the AGSA to improve public understanding and recognition of the profession of Golf Course Superintendent.

To maintain the highest standards of personal conduct to reflect credit and add to the stature of the Association and the profession of the golf course superintendent.

To recognize and observe the highest standards of integrity in any relationship with fellow golf superintendents and others associated with this profession and industry.

To give endorsements of any kind only when completely satisfied with the personal experience of the item identified.

To expand my professional knowledge at every practical opportunity, improving myself and my profession.

To abstain from any exploitation of my association, industry or profession.

To report to the AGSA head office any willful violation of this code of ethics.